Mazor Robotics at Spine Associates

Technology can make even great surgeons better

Mazor Robotics’ Renaissance™ system for spine surgery has just joined the advanced surgical program at Spine Associates. This safe and highly accurate system means our world-class surgical team has state-of-the-art technology at their fingertips. And our patients benefit from consistently accurate spine surgery – with less pain and fewer scars, and a faster recovery and return to daily activities.

Mazor Robotics’ Surgical Guidance System

Renaissance™, Mazor Robotics’ surgical guidance system, is transforming spine surgery from freehand operations to highly-accurate, state-of-the-art procedures that raise the standard of care through better clinical outcomes. Renaissance™ is used to create a preoperative blueprint of the ideal surgery in a virtual 3D environment. This plan is then used to actively guide the surgeon during the procedure to precisely implement the predefined plan within 1 mm accuracy (1/25th inch).

Clinically validated

  • Over 2,000 surgeries with over 12,000 implants placed
  • Easily integrates into OR workflows
  • Highest level of accuracy with less radiation, even in complex cases

Based on surgeons’ experience with Mazor Robotics’ technology

  • 98.3% accuracy of 3,271 implants in 635 cases at 14 medical centers1
  • 99.6% accuracy of 1,815 implants in 120 scoliotic adolescents2
  • Compared to freehand surgeries, clinical outcomes with Mazor Robotics technology were significantly better (fewer complications, fewer reoperations, lower intraoperative x-ray exposure, and shorter length of stay)3

About Mazor Robotics
Mazor Robotics is a leading innovator in spine surgery—inspiring the art of surgery with robotic guidance systems and complementary products that provide a safer surgical environment for patients, surgeons, and OR staff.
For peer-reviewed publications and more information about Renaissance™ and Mazor Robotics’ technologies, see

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